Peepoo toilets being used in Kibera

These are our plans for the years 2020-2021

1) Our first project to undertake is the well-known Peepoo Sanitation Solution. We will continue the work and implement the Peepoo project in Nairobi, Kenya. Peepoo has a long track record as one of the main sanitation solution to more than 50 schools in the Kibera area in Nairobi. The goal is to support 25 schools with this sanitation solution by end of year 2020.
2) Our second project is to set up a Social Enterprise Centre in Kibera, Nairobi with the purpose to excel innovative ideas and make use of the huge creative problem solving mindset which exist in the community. The goal is to begin the construction of the Centre by end of year 2020 by converting containers to office and manufacturing spaces.
3) Our third project is to accommodate highly skilled and newly registered Social Enterprises in the Centre and further connect them to relevant actors as they continue to develop their business models. The goal is to have local Enterprises move into the Centre beginning of the year 2021.
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