We have a wide network of partners and supporters from around the globe that support our values and mission to promote social enterprises and see them grow. Our group wish to see how people and organisations can grow and develop to become sustainable.




Engström Agency is a next-generation talent agency that empowers clients with strategic tools and services in order to start and enhance brand messaging initiatives.


Reel is the paper company that is changing lives. How? They make 100% sustainable bamboo toilet paper and deliver it straight to your door. Bringing convenience and quality to your life, while taking steps to reduce deforestation. Reel’s toilet paper is 3 ply for extra comfort and comes in a convenient pack of 24, so you’ll have the perfect amount until your next shipment. Is that all? Nope. They saved the best for last. With each box sold, Reel are donating a toilet to someone in Africa. The toilet comes in the form of a bag. A bag that is self-sanitizing and biodegradable, so it can be turned into valuable fertilizer. Paper for you means a toilet for them, that is the Reel difference.


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